Hi! This is Ti and Kayla, the owners and operators of Copper Hill. We are two passionate individuals who love bringing our creative vision to life. 
We started this business as a hobby in 2017, and as we continued to grow both our following and our product offering, we decided it was time to turn this into a business! We started with a vision but we needed a name- something to call this little thing we created. We decided we wanted something that represented us, strength, femininity,  resilience and passion. We stumbled on Copper, which in ancient times represented all of these traits. Thus we became Copper Hill. We absolutely love the community we have around us and the amazing people who inspire us everyday! Thank you for being a part of our journey and our brand!


Ti is one of the two members that makes up Copper Hill. Ti is the driving force behind our company and is the one who keeps us on track and organized! 



Kayla is the other half of Copper Hill. Overseeing our creative content and social, Kayla is the main point of contact for all customer service inquiries, all website updates and creative content!